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This is a brand new and very exciting service.

The tips are derived direct from insider knowledge from within certain stables.

An early trial of the tips for this service has been had at The Total Betting Club.

Andy, the man who provides these tips has one or two very close connections that will provide this quality info for you.

The 1st trial from an ex jockey had been over 6/7 weeks. Only 7 bets were received over this period and although this is not a lot, it is the quality of the info that is important. Posted in the club were 6 of these tips and a further 1 was proofed direct to me.

The results have been excellent.

We saw five winners and two seconds from these trial bets:

Won 4/1, 2nd 2/1, Won 11/8, Won 13/8, 2nd 5/4, Won 5/1, Won 7/4

You can clearly see the sheer quality of the information, even from such a small sample.

Bets do not come along every day but at present are averaging out to 1 a week or just over.

These are max bet tips recommended as 5 points each and as such the prices tend to be a little shorter than some tipsters but then again, at these prices you know you will be getting something that has a great chance of winning.

Since going live on August the 1st we have seen 6 selections and 3 winners.

For a full breakdown of results please see the ex jockey 2 file below.

Added Bonus!

As an added bonus, Andy is constantly working on gaining access to extra tips from other ‘Elite’ inside sources.

The latest to be added to this service is from a source we call 'Inside Trading'.

This extra info's top rated horses had done brilliantly during a trial totalling almost 100 horses.

We have creamed off only the very best and top rated horses for you and these will also

be sent out as and when available alongside the ex jockey info.

The results from the top rated tips alone were:

22 bets and 12 winners

A huge strike rate of 54.54% and a large profit to level stakes of +21.85 points

You can view the full results for this bonus info below under the heading 'Inside Trading Results'.

A daily email will be sent out from Andy to all members confirming whether or not there is a bet. Bets will be sent out as early as it is possible to pass on the info. This would probably be early morning, generally before 10:00am after Andy has spoken to his contacts.

Restricted Number Of Members

As the information is sensitive and we don’t want to see prices affected too much, we may have to restrict the numbers of members. We won’t know for sure how much effect the number of members will have on results but if we start to see the prices drop then we will restrict the numbers. It is therefore advisable to get in early so as to avoid disappointment.

Sign up today to be added to the daily info list.

The cost for this premium inside info is just £40 per month.

As a note, if you sign up after the daily info has been sent out and a selection has not yet run then you will receive a copy of the info email ASAP. If it has already run then you will be on the list as from the next day.

Remember, this info is max bet info and not every day will you see a bet. However, when there is a bet you will know you have a superb chance of success. Also with the prospect of the extra, big priced winners we really could see this become the one and only source you ever need.

You can sign up today by using the link above.

For a full breakdown of results please download the results file, lower left of this page.

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