The Winning Place

Overview of service

This is an exclusive tipping service, one that has been fully proofed and scrutinised by all members in The Total Betting Club . The service was actually tested for much longer than we normally require (6 weeks) and in fact was running for just over 10 weeks.

The service is based on a winning principle which the author, Gilly claims to have used over recent years. In her own words, "I see horses as athletes.. not automatons.. you bet on an athlete when he is capable and has proven he is and it is the same with horses."

This service set some superb records in The Total Betting Club tipster challenge. See below for figures. The serviceis now simply win only betting at 1 point level stakes. 2013 produced 7 winning months on the bounce! (see below)

Month Profit/loss
June '13 +79.86 Points
July +94.91 Points
August +4.90 Points
September +50.21 Points
October +15.13 Points
November +7.13 Points
December +30.03 Points
January +56.24 Points
February -14.43 Points
March '14 +5.88 Points

Overall +329.86 Points

Or a cracking +£16,493 to £50 stakes

Gilly continues..."Some tipsters try to sell systems based on £100 a point and show thousands of pounds of profit.. this isn't the reality.. Jo Bloggs punter wants some extra money at the end of the month from something which they find pleasureable."

Become A Tipster And Earn A Great Second Income...

Ever fancied becoming a tipster? Do your own bets win more regularly than the so-called betting gurus' tips? If so then why not proof your tips for 6 weeks to us and if there is potential in your results then we will help you market your tipping service to our mailing lists. We will create a page on this site specifically for your service, with graphics and payment links. Your success in generating a regular monthly profit will result in a greater amount of subscribers and hence give you the chance to earn a great income from this venture. We will provide you with your own email account from which to send the daily tips to your subscribers and as such you will always be able to see how many subscribers you have because we will take care of adding or removing members from your list. Everything will be totally transparent. Your commission payments will be made at the start of each month and will include a 50% share of all payments taken from the 1st until the final day of the previous month.

Very Important

To make this work we only need people who are reliable and will never let us or their subscribers down. Daily messages must be sent out promptly to your subscribers each morning, preferably no later than 11:00am. As you will have your own mailbox you will be responsible for checking the inbox daily for any enquiries regarding your service. We expect any correspondence to be dealt with professionally and politely.


We are in partnership with The Total Betting Club for this venture and in their club we have a great platform from which to proof all new potential services. Your selections will be proofed in front of several hundred members and as such this will give your service the credibility it will require before any advertising is made.

Still Interested?

Then why not begin by emailing us at Give us a brief outline of what you specialise in and any previous successes you have had i.e. profits from previous weeks/months and we can take it further. We will always get back to you as soon as is possible and if things sound interesting then you can start to proof your tips to The Total Betting Club in their dedicated 'New Potential Tipsters' forum. It really is very easy to start the ball rolling - the hard part is in getting the results - but of course, this is your job!! Sorry but we can't do everything!

And Finally...

If you think you have a successful method of selecting winners then send us an email ASAP and we can get the ball rolling and perhaps start to earn you a nice second income.


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