Great Bets

This service was trialled to The Total Betting Club for 6 weeks and the results were really impressive.

The profits for the trial were over +67.0 points. Full results can be accessed via the link at the bottom of the page.

This daily betting service launched in March last year and has bagged members an incredible
+436.88 points.

Very latest - In November alone it could have made you +46.8 points and
December has started well with +9.76 points

Great Bets specialise in providing you with great betting tips.

If you are interested in horse betting, this is the right place for you, because here you will get exclusive horse racing betting tips, and sometimes tips for other sports as a bonus.

Each day, we carefully look through all sports across the world to identify the best betting opportunities for us to share with you
but 95% it is horse racing .

We scan through every event across the world and you can always be rest assured that the bets provided to you as based on hours of research and have been proofed by our team. Betting is essentially gambling but with our insights and knowledge about all sports, we are able to give you that extra edge which will allow you to make a profit from sports betting and to beat the bookmakers at their own game.

Prices for the service can be seen in the table below table:

Level Price
Weekly Membership £25.00 every 7 Days - Membership expires after 7 Days
Monthly Membership £99 every 30 Days (Save 7.6%) - Membership expires after 30 Days
Quarterly Membership £249 every 3 months (Save 22.5%) - Membership expires after 3 Months
Six Month Membership £459 every 6 months (Save 30.6%) - Membership expires after 6 Months
Yearly Membership £849 every 12 months (Save 33.9%) - Membership expires after 1 Year

You can use the banners to jump direct to the sales page. Just click 'Sign Up' from the menu
at the top and select which subscription you would prefer. Alternatively you can use the link below.

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The Service

•  Each day, you will receive an email to your registered email address with our betting tips for the day

• This email is normally sent to you by 12.00 (Noon)

• We always provide you with at least 2 hours from when tips are sent to you and the first event starting

• These tips are also uploaded to the members area in the Our Bets section


•  1. If you register after the email for the day has gone out, you can see the tips by logging in.

•  2. We advise you betting with a minimum bank of at least £500 (UK pounds). You can bet with less but we recommend this as the minimum starting amount.

•  3. Our usual stakes are 10, 20 and 30, and the stake we give is based on how confident we are with the bet. The stakes that we give are based on a £500 bank. So a 10 point stake is equivalent to a £10 stake if you have a £500 bank. To be safe, you can increase the bank to £1,000. In terms of our results, our results which show X Points for the month, this is what you would have made in pounds if you had been betting with a £500 bank. So a 300 Point profit for the month is a £300 profit for the month.

•  4. We use 3 bookmakers which are Paddy Power (, Boyle Sports ( and Bet 365 ( These are the ones that we believe give great odds. The other reason is that if any tennis bets are not completed, these bookmakers will void our bet. If you do not want to open more than 1 bookmaker account, you can just trade with 1 bookmaker and you can use anyone that you want as well. You may just not get the same odds as we show.

•  5. You can see the bets for each day on the Our Bets page. Check this page each day, or check your email and then place your bets accordingly.

•  6. Our bets are shown in decimal odds. For example a bet which is 3.00 is the same as 2/1.

For a full breakdown of results see below:

The service recommends bets of either 10 20 or 30 which equate to £££s in our table below OR where 10 is the equivalent to 1 point. Alternatively, if you were playing £100 for each 10 points then you could add an extra zero to each total!

Month Points Profit Tips
December 2017 +9.76 £97.60 33
November 2017 +46.80 £468.00 65
October 2017 +19.00 £190.00 140
September 2017 +9.65 £96.50 146
August 2017 +12.40 £124.00 155
July 2017 -6.30 -£63.00 138
June 2017 +6.64 £66.40 102
May 2017 +33.99 £339.93 120
April 2017 +20.49 £204.86 133
March 2017 +8.27 £82.73 145
February 2017 -20.38 -£203.79 112
January 2017 +50.86 £508.64 119
December 2016 +11.22 £112.20 132
November 2016 +26.89 £268.90 138
October 2016 +17.04 £170.35 133
September 2016 +36.39 £363.90 64
August 2016 +38.43 £384.30 64
July 2016 +14.28 £142.80 58
June 2016 +31.71 £317.10 59
May 2016 +33.83 £338.30 64
April 2016 +33.85 £338.50 67
March 2016 +35.89 £358.86 59

As you can see, just two losing months from 22, which is a phenomenal achievement.

For more info click the banner link below. Just click 'Sign Up' from the menu
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