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The Day B4 - horse racing backing service

Using this system, the author, Val Harrison, has made over 1,000% profits in the last 6 months!

The system is based on a few simple rules that’ll take you about 10 minutes to follow each evening. You can do this sitting at a laptop, or on your tablet or smartphone.

The betting method keeps bet sizes small, thus staying mainly under the radar of bookies.

Betting exchanges can be used as an alternative to bookies – these are websites where your bets are matched against other gamblers rather than against the company.

• No tipsters to pay

• 70% chance of our bets winning

• No repeated checking of odds – look once a day, and get on with your life!

• You don’t need to know anything about horse racing, or follow any tipsters

• You don’t need much money to get started (your first bets could set you back just £3!)

• No reliance on multiple bookie accounts which might get shut down if you do too well

Here's a summary of what you'll get when signing up for the system:

•In the next few days you’ll receive my booklet in the post – this contains all the information you’ll need to get started

• If you don’t yet have a bookmaker or betting exchange account, the manual will show you how to get that set up.

• Each evening (at some point between about 7pm and 10pm) you’ll need to spend on average 10–15 minutes checking races and placing your bets.

• Val's email address – so should you get stuck or have any questions, you can email him and get a prompt response.

• A weekly email update about the bets Val has taken that week, and any tips and tricks I can pass on that will boost your profits.

• And every few weeks, you’ll need to take profits from your account, so it doesn’t get too rich!

• And you get all this with the confidence of my £500 profit guarantee.

This is not a get rich quick system, so if that's what you're looking for, then maybe this isn't for you. However, if you'd like to earn a comfortable side income (I’m talking about an extra £500 every few weeks) with minimal effort (just a few minutes a day). … then Day B4 is for you.

If you're still interested then: >> Click here to start using The Day B4 system now <<

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